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 Sound Synchronicities: 

A 5 day sound workshop in Thasos. 

Led by musicians and composers Spyros Moschoutis and Mata Kourti, this workshop explores contemporary thinking around looking, listening and interpreting sound. Participants will acquire diverse skills for collecting and recording sound, encompassing voice, bodily movement, and rhythm. Set against the picturesque backdrop of Salonikios beach, a secluded oasis boasting crystalline waters and rustic wooden structures adorned with billowing sails. 

Makryammos Ephemeral Art Residency offers camping accommodations, complete with essential amenities, while breakfast and dinner are provided at the Salonikios Kantina, ensuring a seamless and immersive experience. The goal is to learn, live, work and create in nature as a collective.

This sound workshop, with key elements in voice, connection of movement and sound, melody and rhythm, including stages of body music and vocal orchestrations, is open to anyone who is interested in experimenting with sounds, inviting the dynamic involvement of participants across the spectrum of action and team meetings in a natural environment; Exploring Thasos soundscapes, music dynamics, the connections of sound colours and movement in space and time, contributing to the creation of a new sound piece. No prior experience of sound art, music or singing is required, only an interest in these areas and an openness to using your voice. This unique experience invites participants to delve into the island's landscape, culture, and history through the lens of sound, creating an interdisciplinary exploration of artistic expression.




Day 1: Introduction to Field Recording
The workshop kicks off with an introduction to the fundamentals of field recording, led by renowned composer Spyros Moschoutis. Participants delve into the theory and philosophy behind contemporary sound art, understanding the intricacies of listening and interpreting the world through a sonic lens. The day continues with the first guided exploration of key locations on Thasos, the Theologos waterfalls, where participants begin collecting and recording raw sounds inspired by the island's unique geography and history. The day will close with a shared listening of the sounds that have been collected which will be followed by a discussion.

Day 2: Vocal and Body Music, team building
The second day will start with a morning tune under the guidance of Mata Kourti, professional singing tutor. Participants will work in teams performing vocal and body music games. Through this collaborative activity there will be emphasis on the human voice by singing and listening. The day continues with a visit at the river, where participants will have the opportunity to connect the sound of the human voice and body with the natural sounds. The day will close with a shared listening of the sounds that have been collected which will be followed by a discussion.


Day 3: Collective Structure
The third day continues with field recordings and vocalization with the aim to structure a collective outcome. With a wealth of collected sounds and newfound vocal skills, participants work alongside Spyros and Mata to weave together a sonic tapestry that reflects the island's culture, landscape, and history. This collaborative effort transforms individual experiences into a collective masterpiece, encapsulating the diverse sounds and stories of Thasos. The day continues with a visit to the open sea of Aegean, where participants will be collecting underwater sounds. The day will close with a shared listening of the sounds that have been collected which will be followed by a discussion.

Day 4: Sound Collection
With a wealth of collected sounds and newfound vocal and body skills participants will learn to enhance their ability to transform the individual to a collective outcome. Through the human voice, adding a personal and emotive layer to the captured sounds. At the end the group engages in discussions, refining their compositions, ensuring a harmonious fusion of artistic expression and summarizing their experience so far.

Day 5: Presentation and Reflection
The final day is dedicated to presenting and reflecting. A public performance that takes place  allows the wider community to experience the unique soundscape crafted during the workshop. This day includes reflections on the creative process, discussions on the impact of sound on perception, and insights into the intersection of art, culture, and the island's rich history.

Practical information


This workshop is limited to 12 seats. 

The early bird price is 450 Euros + VAT for the first seats. Full price is 600€. 

Deadline June 30, 2024.


These prices include:

  • the workshop fee, 

  • all workshop supplies 

  • 7 days accommodation to to Salonikios Camping

  • breakfast & dinner to Salonikios Kantina

  • transportation to the outdoor group activities 

  • entrance fee to museums / archeological places etc


These prices do NOT include:

  • flights or/and transportation to Thasos

  • extra meals & beverages

Terms & Conditions

Your seat is reserved with your deposit (50% of the fee). 

The deposit is non-refundable 15 days before the workshop begins. 

Cancellations within 5 days of the workshop begins are completely non-refundable. 


For further information contact


Spyros Moschoutis

born in 1977 in Athens is a musician, composer, producer and educator. He studied drums at The Collective School of Music in New York and completed a postgraduate degree in Jazz Performance at The Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London. Since 2007, he has been a member of The Burger Project under the pseudonym Mosi Holiday. Since 2010 he has been collaborating with Matoula Zamanis on concerts and recordings. He has collaborated with many established and experimental Greek artists from a wide range of musical idioms. Since 2014 he has been working as a music teacher with preschool and school age children. Finally, he produces music for documentaries, audiovisual installations, advertisements and various online applications. 



born in 1984 in Athens is a musician, composer, singer, performer. She studied Archaeology and History of Art  at the University of Athens and at the University of Poitiers, France. She continued her studies for Cinema & Theatre Composition and for Performing Arts at the Musical Department at the University of Corfu, Theatre at Diomedes Photiadis Theatre School of Athens.

She has participated in a variety of educational programs, among such as contemporary singing, world music styles "Labyrinthos" Music Lab, western and byzantine music at the Athens Conservatory; medieval music, music cultures and ethnomusicology, jazz improvisation, percussions and body percussion at Ecole de Musique de Poitiers, dance and theatre; the International School of Mime “Marcel Marceau” in Paris, among others.

She has participated, singing, performing, teaching, in various music, vocal and theatre projects, at major international Institutions, such as World Music Festival of Athens, Sines Festival Portugal, Festival of Epidaurus, University of Creta, University Ca’ Foscari Venice, Stavros Niarchos Foundation and Music Megaron Hall of Athens. 

Mata composes music for theatre, cinema and radio. She teaches internationally, music and vocal ensembles, connecting voice with body movement and holistic sound. She has created The Vocal Project on the Road (vocal music seminars), Navigatio (music and world tales project), One Place-One Song(music cultures singing performances), in collaboration with a variety of artists and disciplines.

Salonikios Beach

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