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Makryammos Ephemeral Art Residency is produced by KORAX and was initiated by the artist Maria Mitzali under the artistic direction of Sylvia Sachini and curation of Kim Knoppers, offers a one-month residency by invitation to an artist or creative practitioner. Giving the opportunity to rest and ruminate, reflect, as well as brainstorm and develop an ephemeral artwork in conversation with the surroundings of the Greek island of Thasos. The resident’s work takes place at the intersection of ephemeral art, nature and craft.
Tapping into or even contributing to the unique sense of place, the participant might get inspired by the seemingly contrasting atmospheres of Thasos: the hustle and bustle of tourists from Turkey, Bulgaria, Great Britain and Greece on one side, versus the timeless land and seascapes, and archaeological artifacts; hedonistic and fleeting summer fun versus old customs still observed by locals; English as a world language versus local dialects, even “Sfyria” - the rare whistling language; waste production as a result of the tourism sector and industrial interventions in the landscape (marble quarries) versus the rich
biodiversity; abundant food buffets in resorts versus hunting traditions.

The first edition of the Makryammos Ephemeral Art Residency in the form of a pilot is centred around the questions What Trace Do You Leave Behind? What Is Worth Keeping or What is Not Worth Keeping? These questions serve to initiate thoughts not as a tight framework.

The second edition of Makryammos Ephemeral Art Residency is all about “ON WEAVING” and will take  place in September and October of 2023. It will be a multifaceted, interdisciplinary program including a residency, a series of lectures, workshops and tours around the island of Thasos, linked to the practice of weaving. The residency aims to present the innovative ways in which a traditional art form has witnessed a renaissance in contemporary art history in addition to providing inspiration to the resident artist and establishing a continuation of traditional weaving of Thassos.


Korax was established in 2019 in Kavala, Greece and aims to develop, promote and disseminate all visual and documentary arts and activities that promote culture and contemporary art, especially those related to the projection, dissemination and promotion of photography both nationally as well as internationally. It also aims to highlight the social and cultural value of every visual art form in contemporary society. As a company, it is a continuation of the initiative which since 2017 organizes the international program Lucy Art Residency, which has been identified by international media, such as the British Journal of Photography and Monocle, as one of the best new artist residencies in Europe. In 2020, during its first year of its operation, KORAX successfully implemented their first international cooperation as a partner of the 3rd Biennale of Industrial Art in Croatia, supporting and funding the commission and production of new artworks of the participating artists from Greece in partnership with the Hellenic Ministry of Culture.

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