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a farmer artist

Paradise Garden.O-28 details 1.jpg

Paradise Garden. O-28

soil, woodstick, vegetables.
Size variable

Recently, I have rented a garden NO.28 in Oosterplas, 's-Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands. In the garden, I play a base with soil sculptures, wood sculptures, drawings, holes, vegetable patterns. As a farmer-artist, I mostly work with raw materials from the nature: the land is my canvas, the woodsticks are my brush...

Villagers In Memory.jpg
Villagers In Memory  (details).jpg

Villagers In Memory


The community of my village was like a sturdy house, the villagers as the bricks played signifcant roles in strongly supporting the community house, and the relationship among them was very close. I remember the local people usually made mud bricks for constructing their houses when I was a kid. However, people can easily buy bricks from factories, now. This consumer lifestyle has seriously infuenced the close relationship of
the local villagers. I have made bricks with xanthium by hands in a conventional way that I learnt before by observing my neighbors’ making process. All the bricks laid out orderly in the farmland symbolize the local farmers standing upright in my memory. And the relationship among
villagers was like the hooks of xanthiums, closely hooking up with each other.


Cloud holding


ink, watercolor, pencil on

rice paper,



Cloud holding


ink, watercolor, pencil on

rice paper,




140*70cm,ink, watercolor,
pencil on rice paper, 08.2021

 Colorful World

 (drawings series)
29*29cm (all are the same)
  Watercolor, ink, pastel, pencil on

  cigarettes  box paper





My rural world is variety and colorful.

Colorful world 1.jpg
Colorful world 2.jpg

Peng Zhang (b. 1990, Jiangxi, China), currently  based in Netherlands



-*Insert Genious Title Here, Breda, The Netherlands 2019

- The 13th National Exhibition of Fine Arts, Ningbo, China 2019

- "Paradise Garden. Zhang Peng's Root, hilversum, The Netherlands 2019

- Show for nominees of the Kunst aan de Dijk Prijs 2018, KunstRai, Amsterdam, The Netherlands 2019

- Paradise Garden. I-II, at Willem Twee Kunstruimte , 's-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands 2019

- Paradise Garden. 111, at Witte Rook, Breda, The Netherlands 2019

- “Cafeteria”- AKV/St-Joost MFA Graduation Exhibition, De Kaaihallen, ‘s-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands 2018

- What Do We Dance For?, Gallery Nectar, Tbilisi/Georgia 2018

- AKV/St-Joost Master in Fine Art students Exhibition, Electron, Breda, The Netherlands 2017

- The 5th China National Youth Art Exhibition, Shanghai Oriental Art Center, Shanghai, China 2016

- The 6th Youth Art Exhibition of Zhejiang Province, Zhejiang Art Museum, Hangzhou, China 2015

- The 1st Chinese Comprehensive Material Painting Biennial, Ningbo Art Museum, Ningbo, China 2015

- Art Spring-MastersJ’ oint Exhibition of China Academy of Art, NO 1, Xihu Tiandi, Hangzhou, China 2015

- “Tong Xin Su Mei” the 13th Art Exhibition of Zhejiang Province, Zhejiang Art Museum 2015

- Xuni.Weng,the Contemporary Oil Painting Exhibition, Shimao 1, Hangzhou Art Fair, Hangzhou, China 2014

- The 14th Young Artist Discovering Program, Xihu Contemporary Art Museum, Hangzhou,China 2014

- Zhuantang Housing Demolition and Relocation Art Program, , Hangzhou,China 2012



-Nominated for the Kunst aan de Dijk Prijs 2018, The Netherlands. 2018

-Nominated for the Buning Brongers Prizes 2018, The Netherlands 2018

-Excellence Award for the painting “Shansui, Ya”, the 5th China National Youth Art Exhibition, China 2015

-Excellence Award for the painting “Reconstruction”, The 13th Youth Art Exhibition of Zhejiang Province, China 2014


Scholarships & Grants

-Young Talent Stipend, Mondriaan Fonds, The Netherlands 01.10.2019-30.09.2020

-Avans Scholarship Programme for Best Performing Non-EU Students, Avans Hogeschool, The Netherlands 2017

-The Second Prize Scholarship, China Academy of Art, Hangzhou, China 2010

-The E.Land Excellence Award Scholarship, E.Land Group, Hangzhou, China 2010

-The Third Prize Scholarship, China Academy of Art, Hangzhou, China 2009



-WITTE ROOK, Breda, The Netherlands 12.2018-01.2019



-Master of Fine Art 2016-2018

-AKV/St-Joost Art Academy's-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands

-Master of Fine Art - Comprehensive Material Painting 2012-2015

-China Academy of Art Hangzhou, China

-Bachelor of Fine Art - Comprehensive Material Painting 2008-2012



·Organizing Chain Presentation in Paradise Garden. O-28, at Oosterplas 04.06.2019 's-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands

·Took the interview of Rijksacademie 22.05.2019

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

·Organizing Planting&Drawing Events, At De Graafse Akker's-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands

·Art Teacher (Assistant), Ds. Pierson College 11.2018 - 12.2018's-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands

·Assisting George Korsmit Solo Exhibition “Solo 15” at Club Solo 2018 Breda, The Netherlands

· Artist Talk at SinArts Gallery 2017 Den Haag, The Netherlands

·Teaching Painting in Jinshan Middle School (Volunteer) 2012 Pingxiang, China

·Self-organizing the Master works show in Gong Tong Ti Art Space 2011 Hangzhou, China

·Teaching Painting in Hangzhou Deaf Charity School (Volunteer) 2010 Hangzhou, China


Paradise Garden. O-28.jpg
Shapes Of Rural Life.jpg
Shapes Of Rural Life (details).jpg

Shapes Of Rural Life

Bamboo, grass, herbs
350*450*500cm, 120*150*200*260cm,

The rural life of my village was very various and abundant. The life was self- sufficient, we produced daily necessities for ourselves. We planted rice and raised fish, livestock, but, today, people can easily purchase everything online, consequently, most of the ricelands and ponds become derelict these days. I find an unused pond with water inside, which reminds me of the past scene that some frames made by farmers who raised some fishes in the pond were foating on the water for stabilizing the fish food in a certain area. Referring to the experiences and the skills I obtained before, I construct different geometric frames that float on water, which are the metaphor of the past rural life.

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